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Country: The Netherlands
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Phone: +31 162 522202
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Pommec-Hytech strives to deliver the best value to its customers and is therefore a valuable partner of choice for innovative, sustainable and integrated hyperbaric systems and diving equipment. Pommec-Hytech solutions are reliable, efficient and flexible to the demands of challenging surface-supplied diving projects. With its extensive knowledge and in-house design capabilities, Pommec-Hytech ensures compliance with the latest technological developments, strictest safety regulations and most stringent environmental standards.


Pommec-Hytech excels at managing the complexity inherent within the development of hyperbaric systems and diving equipment. Each project is approached with care, creativity and adaptability, so that customers can depend on delivery within the terms of the agreement.

Pommec-Hytech is IHC Merwede’ s in-house specialist in high-quality diving systems and equipment. With a broad

customer base that includes various navies, governmental organisations, salvage companies and inshore/offshore diving contractors (both domestic and international), it has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing safe and reliable diving equipment. IHC Merwede is also able to integrate diving systems from every reputable supplier.

Efficient solutions

Pommec-Hytech constructs custom-built systems and equipment to meet customer-specific requirements, as well as standard systems with a ready-to-build design.

Conducting business in an offshore or inshore environment is often turbulent. Technical and financial risks are significant, and margins are constantly fluctuating. The difference between profit and loss for an owner or operator of technological diving systems is greatly influenced by the productivity of these long-term

investments. Efficiency, reliability, durability and safety are key factors to success. Pommec-Hytech understands its customers’ needs and has the ability to provide innovative and efficient solutions for a variety of surface- supplied diving projects.