Questions asked by companies/diving school

Why different categories Membership?

At the time, the four categories of membership were chosen to create clarity. In addition, the focus of our aim is on training schools for commercial divers, to share knowledge about training standards, education and (use of) equipment to increase safety and quality.  

The aim of this is to communicate clearly with each other, with (future) divers and companies/contractors about what is or is not a training school for commercial divers. An Associate Membership can lead to Full Membership, when the school has fully implemented the IDSA Standards and wishes to be audited.

All members will be fully informed, can participate in meetings, committees, etc. The only difference is that the members, the (future) divers and the diving contractors will immediately see that you are (not) a provider of training. Full members are for certain audited training schools for commercial divers and they are the voting members.

Questions asked by individuals/divers

I want to become a commercial diver

IDSA is a branch organisation of commercial diving schools and/or other companies involved with commercial diving.
Please contact one of our members for following a commercial diver training.
The strength lies in the fact that most members provide the training in their own language.

Only full members can apply for IDSA Qualification cards for their students.

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