Our latest news magazine is now available to view/download. For your convenience we have also included previous editions.

The Magazine of the International Diving Schools Association (IDSA)  is published twice each year in Q1 and Q3.
The Magazine is A4 format printed in 4 colour offset litho & digital version.

Whole page  W 190 x H 277 mm € 340
Half page  W 190 x H 135 mm € 240
Quarter page   W   92 x H 136 mm € 185

If possible, deliver ads as PDF with letter contours.
High-resolution photos (full-size 300 dpi).
Photos accompanying the articles can be provided in all possible file formats (JPEG, Gif, Tiff etc.)
Preferably no small pictures from the Internet, because these cannot be printed sharply.


  1. A discount of 25% is available to all IDSA Members.
  2. A discount of 10% is available to all non IDSA Members who place more than one advertisement paid for in advance.

Note: All advertisement orders are subject to acceptance in writing from the IDSA Executive Board which reserves the right to refuse, amend, withdraw or otherwise deal with all advertisements submitted at their absolute discretion and without explanation.