The Association was formed in 1982 as the result of a meeting between Schools attending the American Diving Contractors Conference in New Orleans. The aims of the Association were then, and are now, to:-

  • Develop common international standards of diving training.
  • Provide an effective means of communication between schools.
  • Work towards improved standards of safety and quality.
  • Improve the overall quality of commercial diving education.
  • Provide a common and collective voice to government industrial agencies on any matter affecting members.
  • Co-operate on matters which may improve placement opportunities for graduates from member schools.
  • Promote any activity, idea or subject which may improve the international operations of the Association.

Slowly, since that time, the Association has grown and matured - as has the Diving Industry - and now the membership comprises Military, State Owned, and Private Schools, which generally exist separately but can, in some Countries, be found in combination.
It is on the exceptional spread of experience, going back over many years, that the work of the Association is based.
It should be noted that the aim has been to create International Diving Standards which provide a yardstick against which those responsible for National Standards - Governments Institutions, Clients, Diving Contractors and Divers themselves - can equate their own standards and, in those countries where National Standards do not exist, they can be used as a guide  The aim is NOT to:

  • Conflict with National Diving Standards.
  • Conflict with National Legislation.

It is expected that these International Standards will contribute to:-

  • Equating Standards across the World.
  • Providing guidance to organisations setting diving standards for the first time.
  • Improving safety.
  • Providing Contractors with a direct input to the Diver Training Syllabus.
  • Enabling Contractors to bid across National Borders on a more even Playing field.
  • Improving the quality of Diver education.
  • Providing Divers with greater Job Opportunities.

Apart from the more traditional diving activities in the Offshore Industry, Industrial Working Divers now take part in a wide variety of activities, such as:-

Archaeological Investigation Remedial work in Lakes, Reservoirs Canals 
Bridge Structure Inspection etc
Demolition and Salvage Repair and Construction
Fish Farming Rescue Services
Maintenance of renewable energy  Scientific data collection and observation
Sites Search, Recovery and Survey
Nuclear Power Plant Maintenance Television and film making
Professional Recreational Services Underwater Civil Engineering

Information concerning the Associations Operational and Administrative Procedures may be found in the Publications Section.