Address: Norsk Yrkesdykkerskole, Fagerstrandbakken 72, 1457 Fagerstrand
Country: Norway
Contact Person: Dag Wroldsen
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Phone: +47 66 96 5800
Mobile: +47 922 20 130
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Norsk Yrkesdykkerskole a/s (NYD) 
Started in 1989, NYD's aim is to educate divers for the Class 1 certificate. Surface-supplied air diving to 50 meters. 

NYD's courses are controlled and accepted by KUF, Det Konglige Kirke, Utdannings og Forskningsdepartement (Ministry of Education), under the statutory provisions of 1990 for the education of divers  to Class 1 certificate. 

NYD, as an educational institute, is governed by KUF.  The controlling bodies are DAT (Directorate for Work Supervision), NPD (Norwegian Petroleum Directorate), Norwegian Health Directorate and local health authorities. 

These have a reciprocal certification agreement with the Health and Safety Executive of the UK (HSE-UK).

NYD co-operates with DAT, NPD and Statens Dykkeskole (the state  diving school), to ensure the high standards this course of education demands. Furthermore, NYD maintains extensive co-operation and dialogue with the diving industry to stay updated on what is going on in the industry at all times. 

The School's main objective is to satisfy national law and regulations along with national needs. Furthermore, NYD's educational standards comply with international standards and market demands, as long as these standards comply with our national laws and rules. 

NYD's educational policy is to have a high level of  quality and competence. Therefore, NYD has from the start designed a course of 16 weeks, 8 hours day duration. 

In addition, some 12 hour work schedules have been added to expose students to  "real life" work periods. NYD's students who have qualified for the Class 1 diving certificates have been well received in the industry. 

Norsk Yrkesdykkerskole a/s