Address: 3 Eskander Ibrahim St, Miami, Alexandria
Country: Egypt
Contact Person: Dr. Hossam A El-Masry
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Phone: (+2)01123626262
Mobile: (+2)01006923384
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Member Status: FULL MEMBER
Ref No. FF32

About Us

Middle East for Commercial Diving is a school with a multi-disciplinary approach. Our primary focus is to deliver quality education in inland and offshore diving, underwater welder training, ROVs along with professional safety training. With our desire to be the most prestigious commercial diving institute in the Middle East, we have been constantly upgrading our courses, curriculum, facilities, certifications, equipment and technology to meet the international standards of commercial diving.

Our extensive research and knowledge in the industry has allowed us to stay ahead of the current trends in various underwater fields, ranging from oil industry to inland harbors to international rivers.

Our Mission

We have established our platform with the sole mission to be the leading commercial diving institute in the Middle East, providing necessary training and education to students worldwide, so that they can embark upon an exciting and successful career in various fields.

Our courses have been aligned with modern equipment and industry needs thus providing our graduates an extra advantage.

Our Vision

Since our inception, our vision was to deliver training based on real-world experiences. We have always remained focused on preparing our graduates for mainstream professional diving careers. With our coherent, up to date and concise courses, we allow our graduates to learn standard professional practices in the minimum time possible.

Our training crew and staff members are friendly and supportive. And under their guidance, our graduates will also learn to make a productive and fruitful career choice.

We are :

  • International Marine Contractors Association member ( IMCA training establishment Member - Diving & ROV )
  • International Diving School Association Full member ( IDSA FF32 )
  • Egyptian Welding Society member EWS
  • American Welding Society AWS institutional member
  • Integrated technology transfer unit ITTU member - Assuit university
  • International Diving Safety Standards Commission member IDSSC
  • NAUI Affiliate Member
  • European Underwater Federation (NAUI Affailiate)
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 18001 

To keep our motivation & high levels of standards, we must adapt to meet the updates. Meet our inspirational Integrated training facility ITF. It’s simply just “ All in one”.
For the first time in the Middle East a complete commercial diving training facility integrated in one place.
MECD’s Integrated Training Facility ITF is now fully operational, with:
- A complete welding facility for dry welding training equipped with the best welding inverters ,suction & ventilation systems.
- A diving container for surface supply training using different equipment & underwater welding training, with a window for the instructors to observe the training in addition to communication.
- A workshop equipped with different diving equipment for technician courses.
- Compressor partition to teach the handling of diving tanks & maintenance of compressors.
- Decompression chamber for different courses.
- 2 classrooms equipped with screens & different aids like first aid manikan for theoretical lectures.
- Cafeteria, shower rooms, cloak rooms and dry room.