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EIDS has been established by a skilled and dedicated team of veterans who had worked as divers and dive supervisors with over a century of combined experience in the commercial diving industry. Their objective was to produce professionals trained and educated divers to improve the preparation of the next generation of commercial divers.

EIDS is a non-profit school designed to provide commercial diving, recreational diving, and Oil and Gas industries with entry-level and post- graduate personnel, who excel in knowledge, skills, safety and work ethics.

Our goal is simple, is to teach our students the skills they need to find lifelong employment in the Commercial Diving Industry.

We proudly offer training for basic and specialty courses according to IDSA (International Diving Schools Association) Standards covering its main three levels.

- Level (1) Commercial Scuba till 30 meters water depth.

- Level (2) Inshore Surface Supply till 30 meters water depth.

- Level (3) Offshore Surface Supply till 50 meters water depth.

We also run IDSA assessment standards for divers who have got a past experience by applying IDSA system for assessment for their competency. We cover as well all requirements and needs of the industry for under water work

  • Diving Courses:

- Commercial Scuba till 30mt water depth.

- Inshore Surface Supply till 30mt water depth.

- Offshore Surface Supply till 50 mt water depth.

- Trainee Inshore Supervisor.

- Trainee Offshore Supervisor

- Inshore Supervisor

- Offshore Supervisor

- Commercial Diving Trainer

  •  Specialist Courses:

- Underwater Wet Welding

- Underwater Cutting.

- Underwater Inspection ( Level 1&2&4)

- Underwater Digital Imaging ( Video & Still photos)

- Chamber Operator

- Marine Salvage

- Harbour & Ship Services

- Life supporter technician

- First Aid

- D.D.C Operator & O2 Treatment

- Operate and Maintain Diving Chambers 

- Safety Officer

- Clients Representative & Auditor